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About Trailside Realty Solutions

Trailside RealtySolutions represents buyers and sellers in South Carolina, specializing inTravelers Rest, Greenville, Blue Ridge, Taylors, Greer, Furman Area and Berea.With the team’s over 25 years of combined experience, clients can rest assuredthey have the best partners in achieving their real estate goals in and aroundthe beautiful area of Greenville County.

BoutiqueReal Estate Firm

TrailsideRealty Solutions is a boutique real estate company, keeping their client base relativelysmall so they can deliver customized and personalized services to everyone.

Theteam understands that each buyer or seller is unique, with different needs,concerns and goals. They realize that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution foreach client’s objectives and expectations. Trailside Realty tailors their servicesto match the desired outcome in every transaction.

Keepingtheir operations small also allows the team to work hands-on in everytransaction. Trailside Realty’s brokers and agents personally perform andoversee major obligations and responsibilities to ensure the best possibleoutcome.

Ifyou’re feeling anxious about anything – a home showing, negotiations, moving toa new home – you can rely on your Trailside Realty agent to hold your hand andsee you through the process.

FullRange of Services

TheTrailside Realty team offers a full range of services, from appraisal and homepreparation to developing a marketing plan and arranging home viewings to processingdocuments for closing – all the steps involved in the buying and sellingprocess.

Theteam can help connect you with the right professionals and providers, includingmortgage lenders, inspectors, home improvement contractors, home stagers, realestate lawyers, accountants and more.

Theteam’s background and experience in construction is a unique specializationthat gives their clients an edge in several ways:

  • Helpsidentify any structural concerns in a home
  • Helpsidentify the need and estimated costs for home improvements or renovations, aswell as their potential profitability
  • Consultationservices in planning, contractor and supplier screening and construction stageof home improvements/renovations
  • Negotiatinginspection outcomes and reports


TheTrailside Realty Solutions team has a proven track record of successfullynegotiating home sales with the best possible outcomes for their clients. Theteam is composed of expert negotiators who always have their clients’ best interestsin mind – whether they’re buyers out to win a bidding war without going overtheir budget, or sellers who want the highest possible price for theirproperty.

BestReal Estate Marketing Practices

TrailsideRealty Solutions combine the latest real estate marketing technologies with thetraditional art of home selling. The team makes use of cutting-edge online toolsto always be on top of what’s happening in the market, and to reach as manybuyers and sellers as possible. But Trailside Realty Solutions is also awarethat home buying and selling are personal journeys, and sees their role astheir clients’ partners through these oftentimes emotionally-laden undertakings.

Thebest real estate agent is someone you can trust and feel comfortable with, andthat’s what Trailside Realty Solutions strive toachieve.
Get in touch with the team to learn howthey can best help you.

Their contact information is asfollows:

Address:  508 N. Main St. Travelers Rest, SC29690
OfficePhone: 864-610-2303
Mobile Phone: 864-303-9577

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