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Greenville, SC

Greenville, SC is a rare gem of a community that combines economic progress with a traditional hometown vibe.

Known as the “economic engine of South Carolina,” Greenville lies along the fast-growing business corridor of I-85, which encompasses the area between Richmond, VA and Atlanta, GA. It’s the county seat of Greenville County and the biggest city in the Greenville-Spartanburg-Mauldin Metropolitan Statistical Area — better known as Upstate.

Since its founding by Vardry McBee, the “father of Greenville” in 1815, Greenville had its ups and downs as a city. It saw a complete resurgence in the early 1980s when the downtown area was redeveloped after careful planning, spearheaded by then mayor, Max Heller. Greenville never looked back since then, and has steadily gained ground to become the major urban center it is today.

Living in Greenville, SC

Greenville has won numerous citations for its positive business climate complemented with a high quality of life. It is a favorite shopping, dining and entertainment destination in Upstate, boasting several shopping districts with popular and upscale stores, and a wide array of restaurants and entertainment venues.

As the city’s business and commercial hub, Downtown Greenville is where you will find most of the city’s attractions and amenities. However, the surrounding communities of Greenville lend their own charm, with features that are distinct to each one.

Greenville neighborhoods are a wonderful mix of the modern and historical, with the area’s bountiful natural features as the city’s unifying element. You will find historic homes and structures alongside shopping malls and modern buildings, large state parks and smaller neighborhood parks, and an abundance of open spaces.

Greenville is also home to several top-rated universities and colleges, including:

  • FurmanUniversity
  • BobJones University
  • ClemsonUniversity International Center for Automotive Researsh
  • Universityof South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville

RealEstate in Greenville, SC

Justlike its diverse neighborhoods, real estate in Greenville is a great mix ofvarious housing types in a wide range of prices, offering something foreveryone.

Theneighborhoods around the downtown area are very family-friendly, with excellentschools, healthcare facilities and their own collection of shops, restaurants,cinemas and other entertainment options. The wide, tree-lined streets give offa neighborly vibe, and biking or walking is a popular means of getting around.Parks, sports facilities and open spaces abound.
Asthe city’s business and commercial hub, downtown Greenville, along with itsneighbor, Augusta Road, has the most expensive real estate. The housing stockin Downtown Greenville is made up mostly of apartments and condos in mixed-usedevelopments, as well as several historic apartments along Main Street.

AugustaRoad is the site of many of the city’s luxurious homes and estates. Single-familyhomes in a wide range of styles, prices and sizes dominate the neighborhood,but newly-constructed condos are found in the northern area closest todowntown.

Inaddition to Augusta Road, luxurious homes and grand estates may also be foundin neighborhoods like Laurens Rd/McAlister Square and North Main.
Newdevelopments in Greenville are a mix of single-family homes, apartments andcondos, and are mostly found in the downtown area as well as the high-growthneighborhood of Haywood/Pelham Road.

Therest of the city is made up of long-established, family-friendly communitieswith a rural vibe, mostly offering charming single-family homes in variousarchitectural styles, with mature landscaping and large yards.

Manyhistoric homes are also found in these older neighborhoods, with large frontporches typical of classic Southern homes.

Amenitiesand Attractions

Greenvilleoffers unlimited opportunities for recreation and entertainment.

Inand around the city are 12 state parks, over 50 golf courses and more than 300other waterfalls.

Someof the best parks in Greenville are:

  • FallsPark on the Reedy in Downtown Greenville’s Historic West End
  • ClevelandPark
  • LegacyPark
  • GowerPark

Thecity boasts several retail districts found in various neighborhoods, including:

  • AugustaRoad
  • HaywoodRoad
  • MagnoliaPark
  • Greenridge
  • WestEnd Historic District
  • LaurensRoad

DowntownCleveland has a wealth of museums, galleries, live performance venues andhistoric sites.
Otherattractions in Grenville include:

  • GreenvilleZoo
  • RoperScience Center and Museum in Haywood/Pellham Road
  • GreenvilleCountry Club
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