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Downtown Greenville, SC

DowntownGreenville is the commercial and business hub of Greenville City. It hosts someof the largest companies in the country and the world, including GeneralElectric, Scansource, 3M, AVX Corporation and CertusBank.

DowntownGreenville has a long and colorful history that anchors that of the entirecity. The area where Greenville now stands was once a hunting ground of theCherokee. The city was founded by Vardry McBee, the “father of Greenville”, whobought the land from Lemuel Alston in 1815 and began building the community.

Fromthen on, Greenville progressed into an industrial and commercial town. In the early1900s, Downtown Greenville was a center for the textile industry, and was filledwith textile mills and warehouses.

Inthe 1960s and 70s, Downtown Greenville was in a sorry state, as shops andcommercial establishments moved to the suburbs. A bold and expansiverevitalization project was undertaken in the 1980s under the leadership of thenMayor Max Heller. It was anchored on the redesign of Main Street and thecreation of the 32-acre Falls Park with its 60-foot natural waterfalls as thearea’s centerpiece.

Theproject was a huge success. Today, Downtown Greenville is teeming withbusinesses, residential buildings, and plenty of options for arts, culture,dining, shopping and entertainment, making it a major cosmopolitan destinationin the region.

Livingin Downtown Greenville

DowntownGreenville boasts state-of-the-art buildings and structures mixed in withhistoric landmarks. Modern engineering wonders, such as the Liberty Bridge,compete for attention with historic museums, houses, bridges and convertedearly 20th century textile warehouses.

Greenvilleis also well-known for its arts scene. Through its Arts in Public Placesprogram, the city has made art accessible to everyone, with around 60 publicart works displayed in various areas. The Riverwalk neighborhood hosts manyartist studios, keeping the city’s passion for the arts alive.

Natureis not lost among the manmade structures in Greenville. It is one of the veryfew cities where a natural waterfall flows – the Reedy River Falls in scenicFalls Park. Downtown Greenville’s streets are remarkably green, with lush treeslining wide sidewalks.

RealEstate in Downtown Greenville

Asa major metropolis, real estate in Greenville is made up mostly of mid tohigh-rise multi-family properties. Condominiums, townhomes and apartments inmixed-use developments make up a large part of the housing stock.

Manyof the apartments along Main Street are historic buildings with businessestablishments on the ground floor.

Someof the most prized properties in Downtown Greenville are contemporarycondominiums/townhomes with overlooking views of Reedy River and Falls Park.They boast luxurious features, such as floor-to-ceiling windows, hardwood orceramic floor tiles, well-appointed kitchens, walk-in closets and more.

Manyof the condos in historic buildings have been upgraded to include features likewalk-in closets and stainless steel appliances. Their location along MainStreet provides great access to the many cultural events and attractions aroundthe city.

Moreaffordable properties are found on such areas as Manly Street and AugustaStreet.

Amenitiesand Attractions

DowntownGreenville has a wealth of amenities and attractions for people of all ages.

Thearea has many museums and galleries, including the following:

  • BobJones Museum & Gallery
  • GreenvilleCounty Museum of Art
  • ShoelessJoe Jackson Museum & Baseball Library
  • TheChildren’s Museum

Allover Downtown are shops featuring local, national and international brands, aswell as restaurants and entertainment venues, nestled in pedestrian-friendly,tree-lined streets.

Someof the best restaurants in Greenville are:

  • Adam’sBistro
  • KitchenSync
  • Sascha’sCafé
  • PitaHouse

Othermajor attractions in Greenville include:

  • FallsPark
  • PeaceCenter – a venue for live performances
  • Bi-LoCenter Arena – venue for concerts and sporting events
  • FluorField at the West End baseball stadium
  • CarolinaBallet Theatre
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