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Buyer’s Guide

Homebuying is an exciting process, but has to be done with calm and objectivity toavoid common mistakes. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the home buying process inSouth Carolina to help you get started.

Work with areal estate agent

Workingwith a real estate professional has countless benefits. The agent can help youidentify potential homes faster, and connect you with other professionals, suchas lenders, inspectors, home stagers and real estate lawyers. The agent willalso oversee the preparation and processing of the paperwork required in theprocess. The professional’s negotiating skills will be instrumental in gettingyou the best deal for your dream home.

Get mortgagepre-approval

Mortgagepre-approval will give you an idea on how much home you can afford, and helpyou set your budget

Search foryour home

Makea list of the essential features you’re looking for in a home, such as thelocation, number of bedrooms, proximity to schools or work, storage and parkingspace, and others. Make another list for the features that you would want tohave but are not necessarily important, such as an outdoor kitchen, a pool,stainless steel appliances, and so on.

Prioritizehomes that have the “essentials”, then move on to your list of additionalfeatures, and consider any additional price you may have to pay for them.

Make an offer

Youragent will help you come up with a competitive offer that will give you theedge over other buyers, along with attractive terms and any neededcontingencies.

Arrange for aproperty inspection and buy home insurance

Professionalinspection will help protect you from unexpected expenses that may come fromthe need for major repairs. Once the property passes inspection, you will needto purchase home insurance.

Close the deal

Submityour accepted purchase offer contract to the lender, and obtain an appraisaland title commitment. The process goes to escrow at this time. Be prepared withthe necessary documents including a settlement statement, and funding andinsurance certifications. Escrow will close once your lender has released thefunds for the purchase, all contingencies are met, and the seller gives you thedeed, a clear title and other transfer documents.

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